Private Training

Private training is available for one person, or up to four people that are interested in a more private setting, with more time focusing on what the student/s desire. You as the student decide what you would like to focus on.  We will start the day with an in-depth discussion about exactly what it is you're wanting to accomplish in this training session. From basic marksmanship, all the way up to mid range rifle work out to 600 yards, it’s all up to whatever you want to use the time for. This tuition includes 4 hours of private training set at your pace, doing what you want to focus on.

Topics Covered


  • Rifle

  • Pistol

  • Rifle/Pistol combined

  • Competition-based pistol

  • Mid-range rifle work

  • Night Vision

( I will tailor a course to fit quite literally almost anything you want to do )

(Bring note taking materials)

Return/Refund policy: Due to the unknown nature of scheduling and maintaining a minimum student count, refunds will not be given.  Unforeseen events being what they are, JBS Training Group will allow you to move your tuition to a different course, or exchange your spot with someone else.  If JBS Training Group is forced for ANY reason to cancel a course, a full refund will be given.

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