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“Like our premium line of hoodies that you can check out here, these shirts are extremely well fitting and have higher quality fabric than most. That means that they cost more than some other similar items you may find. If you hate that, sorry. If you appreciate higher quality, keep reading. 
I wanted a hooded henley type shirt that could double as a lounging shirt and somewhat of a casual type shirt to wear out. I also wanted something that didn’t scream “I HAVE A GUN” but still was noticeable by the more enlightened. 
This shirt is not very thick and I don’t want you to think it’s a hoodie in the traditional sense of the word. This is not to be bought as a warmth layer. If you want warm, check out our Premium hoodie. This is more of a long sleeve shirt with some character. Just like our Premium hoodies, the fit is more or less athletic and the material stretches with you. This sort of material helps with shooting in it and having it staying out of your way. 
If you like higher quality material, a casual all around top layer, and something that isn’t as “loud” in public, this is for you. Thanks for shopping with us!"

JBS Henley Hoodie

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