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JBS is super excited to announce its first ever class where you can learn techniques and proper
application of rifle use as it pertains to shooting far and shooting fast, THEN go test those skills
against others in a competitive environment while being coached through the match on the
mental side of competing.


Here’s what you can expect:

Day one and two will be the Performance Out Yonder curriculum specifically designed to
prepare you for similar style shooting you will see at the match following the course. We will be
shooting from strange, barricaded positions, unsupported positions, and everywhere in
between at targets from 5yds to 500yds.

Day three will be the inaugural JBS Performance Out Yonder DMR match! You will squad with
your classmates, and I will be there with you to coach all of you individually through the mental
processes of controlling your thoughts and applying what YOU need to do to have a winning

The match fee is included in the cost. Upon checkout, you will receive an email confirming your
purchase. That email will soon be followed up by another email with a “password” for
Practiscore (match host website). When you go to practiscore to enter your info for the match,
you will enter the passcode and it will waive the match fee. It is your responsibility to sign
yourself up on Practiscore when you receive the email containing that information.
By signing up for this course, you are securing your spot in the match. You will be automatically
squadded with your classmates upon signing up on the match page. Unfortunately, due to the
logistics, I cannot absolutely guarantee that all buddies can squad together. I will do my best to
accommodate you though.



You can hit the course description for “Performance Out Yonder” for more info on what is to be
expected from the course and also what equipment you’ll need. These are just equipment
recommendations and students are encouraged to bring with them anything and everything
they feel will help them through the course AND the match.

Performance Out Yonder & DMR Match / Nov 10-12 / Lubbock, TX

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