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“Welcome to the JBS Premium line of hoodies. This hoodie is higher quality and better fitting than regular stuff. This hoodie is more expensive than regular stuff. If that turns you off, you can stop reading and hit that “back” button. If you appreciate higher quality, keep reading. 
Here’s what makes this Premium line of hoodies so special:
 1. We sought out the softest fabric we could find for a “blanket” type feel. 
 2. We selected the best fitting items that we found gave a more athletic and, functional fit. Frankly this helps keep weapons out of clothing. The clothing remains close to your body and away from your manipulation areas while drawing, reloading, transitioning, etc. 
 3. They have no draw strings, or loose areas that I have found to be potentially detrimental in manipulations and entangled weapons use. 
 4. They have a hood that’s large enough to go over ear pro or hats and actually cover your head while not being so large that it occludes your peripheral vision. 
If you appreciate the little things, you’ll dig this stuff.
Every Premium line hoodie is distinguished by a subtle Black Rabbit head on the back shoulder. 
If you’re into all that, try it out. I’m convinced you’ll find this to be the best feeling/fitting hoodie on the shooting industry market. 
If you’re not into it, our standard line up will likely serve you well. Thanks for shopping with us!!”

(Premium) JBS Rifle Hoodie

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