Two Day Performance Handgun

2 Day Performance Handgun is designed with the intention of correcting flaws in mechanics, manipulations, marksmanship, movement, and processing. This is not a beginner’s course. Attendees should have basic knowledge of weapon safety/handling, and at minimum, be able to hit the A zone of a full-sized IPSC silhouette at 15 yards with no time standard. Students will leave with the tools necessary to continue their journey on being the best handgun shooter they can be.

Topics Covered

  • Safety and handling

  • Gear selection

  • Gear set up

  • The difference in operating systems and the benefits/drawbacks of

  • Dry fire practice and how to maximize return when practicing

  • Zeroing (if applicable)

  • Aiming how’s and why’s of different sight pictures

  • Trigger manipulation

  • Managing recoil

  • Target transitions and processing

  • Reloading

  • Single-hand shooting and manipulation

  • The Draw

  • Mental Discipline Applied to the Gun

  • Grip/Stance

  • Speed and where it comes from

  • Shot Calling

  • Mechanics/Manipulations

  • Movement

Gear Required

  • Competition/Duty Handgun (No subcompacts/revolvers)

  • Minimum of 3 Magazines

  • Pouches for magazines (Preferably 2 pouches on the body)

  • Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ears Preferred)

  • Competition/Duty Grade Holster (NO FABRIC HOLSTERS ALLOWED)

  • MINIMUM of 750 Rounds of Quality Ammunition (bring more if you want to shoot more)

  • Hydration and snacks for the day

  • Rain gear as applicable

  • Notebook and writing utensil

  • *Course may be run from concealment if student desires. In such case, one mag pouch is sufficient and other mags can be placed in pockets, etc.

  • Cost: $450 per student (Plus any applicable range fees to be announced)

  • Note taking materials

Return/Refund policy: Due to the unknown nature of scheduling and maintaining a minimum student count, refunds will not be given.  Unforeseen events being what they are, JBS Training Group will allow you to move your tuition to a different course, or exchange your spot with someone else.  If JBS Training Group is forced for ANY reason to cancel a course, a full refund will be given.

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